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d’light wants to use RFID to produce more and work less.


HRAFN and dLight has been working since january 2010 with d’light. d’light is a norwegian company that is handling the equipment need for concerts, festivals and other events. They are providing light, sound and stage equipment on a rental basis. d’light came to HRAFN after getting to know HRAFN’s reputation as the company of choice if one wants to create the future for oneself.

d’light and HRAFN has joined forces to create a concept for the whole rental industry, and the aim is to commercialize a turnkey solution that fully supports, and utilizes RFID enhanced processes for this vertical by the end of 2010.

The problem to solve:


This is an image of a crate with lots of equipment, cables and other items inside. Today inventory of this crate is done both when it is rented out and of course when it is returned. This is a time consuming job. RFID tags on each component here will significantly reduce the time beeing spent on inventory, and of course increase the data quality dramatically.

This project is of strategic importance to HRAFN as we see an increase in this type of applications. Both the angle that the rental business is reducing excess waste by increasing the use of each unit to a maximum, and the fact that the technology now is rapidly maturing regarding tagging special equipment, tools and other metal units.

The portal below is a prototype portal that is already built as this picture shows. It is developed to be a generic tool suitable for a variety of industrial and retail applications.

portal prototype

Further work:

The next milestones in this project is choosing the design and functionality of the tags for cables. There are not a lot of tags that works well on cables today, so the project had to customize to a certain extent, the tags.

Further information:

Geir Vevle, HRAFN
geir.vevle at hrafn.com

Morten Bakke
morten at dlight.no

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