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Company hierarchy

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Company hierarchy

Company hierachy

Some of HRAFN’s projects and innovation processes, has led to the forming of tight working constellations between HRAFN and a external partner. This page gives an overview of the current status of HRAFN’s involvments in Joint Venture Company’s or Joint Venture Projects.

Description Offspring HRAFN’s ownership External partner Status/form
of cooperation
Enlight AS Company formed to market and sell complete turn-key solutions from HRAFN and Tracetracker. Offspring for Enlight was the discovery of very complimentary skills and mindset between HRAFN and Tracetracker while working on common customers. 50% Tracetracker AS JVC founded
xService SAAS Solution and data-capture technology for running a complete repair and maintenance value-chain with or without third party workshops. Includes also consumer communication and several innovative solutions to secure data quality and efficiency. Offspring of discovering a whole in the offerings towards this type of value chain, 50% Fundator AS Project – running
Multihrafn Delivery of data capture devices where the market has nothing to offer today. Focusing on combining technologies in several ways. Offspring of this cooperation was the successful development of the HRAFN Online Container device which is a RFID reader with GSM communication and GPS positioning. 50% Multiseis AS Project – running
Myfood AS Delivery of dinner kits as a subscription based service, and knife sharpening as a service. Offspring of HRAFN’s innovation effort to utilize RFID and ID technology to implement a demand driven value chain for dinner services. 100% Company formed and running


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