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This page contains a selection of HRAFN's customers:


Relationship: HRAFN helps in reducing the use of pestisides when removing ant's by development of a system for tracking the ant's through concrete floors.

Hofseth BioCare AS

Relationship: HRAFN has here designed and supervised the installation of the traceability system for incoming and outgoing goods based on RFID tags and EPCIS traceability infrastructure.

Hav och Vattenmyndigheten, Sweden

English: Swedish Board of Fisheries. Relationship: HRAFN is strategic advisor for using EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Services) for traceability of fish and other aquaculture. HRAFN has also played an important role in several of HaV's pilot's regarding technology, software architecture and operation of the pilots.

Norse Oilfield Services AS

Relationship: HRAFN provides advisory services to Norse Oilfield services on utilizing RFID for Work In Progress applications in their workshop.

Flowtite Technology AS

Relationship: HRAFN provides advisory services to Flowtite Technology AS.

Reinertsen AS

Relationship: HRAFN provides Reinertsen with the services needed to secure a up to date inventory of their equipment pool and the ability to reduce time wasted on error correction processes to almost zero.

Teekay Petrojarl AS

Realtionship: HRAFN provides Teekay with advisory services and has developed case studies in howto reduce risk and improce operational efficiency by utlization of RFID technology.

Partnerplast AS

Relationship: HRAFN is providing strategic and operational advice to Partnerplast both in their process to benefit from RFID technology both in production process optimization and in creating added value to their product by using RFID technology.

Norsk Lastbærer Pool

Relationship: HRAFN provides advisory services to NLP both in matters of RFID usage, technology and development of services based on the collected RFID information. NLP and HRAFN is working on creating added value services to the FMCG industry in Norway as a whole on a Innovation Norway supported IFU contract. 


What: Knowledge services and advisory services

Kjøtt- og fjørfebransjen Landsforbund

What: Knowledge and advisory services

Green Square Concept

What: RFID Infrastructure, RFID enabled retail system, Knowledge services.


Bogart is HRAFN's "R&I Living lab for Retail". What: RFID Infrastructure, RFID enabled retail system, Knowledge services.


What: RFID Infrastructure, RFID enabled inventory control and operations piloted, Knowledge services.

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