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How would you act if you knew how to make wiser decisions - for yourself, your company, your community, and the planet? We ask ourselves these questions - and search every day for better answers. What information do you need to make wiser decisions? What services do you need to get this information? Please join us in finding wiser solutions. Be a HRAFN.

Smarter Users

  • We want to make better-informed choices for ourself and for our planet.
  • As buyers and users, we believe we can make a big difference. We even won a global innovation award for it.
Now we hope you join us in our efforts.

Smarter Entrepreneurs

  • How can I know that I have a sustainable value chain and how can I prove it?
  • How can I access a global community of opt-in customers looking for planet conscious products?
We believe you can. We are giving it our best shot. Join us.

Smarter Enterprizes

  • How can I build sustainable business models for my business and my planet?
  • How can I access a global community of planet conscious buyers without the risk of costly investments?
Join us in our best shots for the best answers today.

Smarter Governments

  • How can we contribute to a functioning market for sustainable production and solutions?
  • How can we access a well of reliable and accurate information and solutions, sourced from the wisdom of crowds?

We give you our observations if you'll give us yours. Join us now.

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